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To make a donation to Abba House, please use the donation form below. You can choose to donate to the General Fund, Scholarship Fund, or Tuition Fund. To sponsor an event, please visit one of our event pages. Thank you!

Donation Type

General Fund
When you partner or choose to give a one-time donation toward the General Fund you enable us to keep program fees very low. This helps us to continue to provide the woman and the mothers and children recovery they need for a better life. You also help to keep program operations secure, so we can continue to provide the help so desperately needed.

Scholarship Fund
Your Partnership or one-time donation of any size to the scholarship fund provides housing, meals, transportation, curriculum, and ministry for the women and mothers with child(ren) applying and do not have the means to pay.

Tuition Fund
If you are supporting a specific Abba House student as she is being transformed from broken to whole, please select the Tuition Fund and type in the name of the student.

Donate a Vehicle

Once our students have graduated, they often run into a transportation problem. Abba House’s Transportation for Transition Program offers Abba House graduates the opportunity to receive a vehicle. If you have an old or used vehicle and would like to donate it to the TFT program, please click here to send an email to or call 478-877-1444. We only ask that the vehicle runs and is safe for a woman or a mother and her children. Some Conditions may apply.

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Our operating hours are Monday through Saturday from 9:30 am to 5 pm.

Make a Donation

If you are interested in making a donation please click here.