How we Schedule our Program


The program is a minimum of 15 months with four phases.  Privileges and family contact differ for each phase.  While in the program the students will receive financial training as well as leadership, mental & sexual health, physical fitness (by eating healthy and exercising daily), relational, spiritual, vocational and home management skills. 

Family Recovery 

We desire to help the whole family heal since the issues the women face are often deeply ingrained in the family system.  We have family group two Sundays a month where families can learn how to communicate better and talk about issues that need to be discussed.  This can be a perfect time to seek and give forgiveness.  

Children’s Program 

As a mother nears second phase around month four, leadership works with her and the caretaker of her children to decide when the mother is ready to transition her children to live with her at Abba House.  It is then mom applies what she has learned about parenting and the child receives healing for past hurts.  We provide people to help coach who have a heart to help mom be established as a successful parent and a heart to see the children flourish.