Students participate 3 hours each day in class to facilitate growth and healing.  Whether it is getting a voice and learning to say no or breaking free of the bondage that keeps one isolated, these courses are designed to complement each other throughout the healing process. Classes consist of live and video instruction as well as workbooks and group discussion.  

Experiencing God by Henry Blackaby & Claude King:  Learn how to hear and do God’s will. 

Boundaries & Boundaries for Children by Drs. Henry Cloud & John Townsend:  When to say yes, how to say no to take control of your life towards yourself, your children and others.   

How to Hear God’s Voice by Mark & Patti Virkler:  Hearing God’s voice is key to the healing process.  This course teaches students how to hear God’s voice and journal. 

In the Wildflowers by Julie Woodley: Brings healing to those who have suffered the trauma of sexual abuse and other emotional abuse. 

Being Made Whole by Abba House Founders Jim & Chris Sharp:  Covering every aspect of healing from a Christian perspective by healing relationships with God, ourselves and others.  This course identifies the ideal Christian life and the bondage that keeps us from having it.  It teaches how to receive our inheritance as children of God. 

Elijah House:  Teachings covering topics such as “How We See God”, Honoring Father & Mother”, “Grieving Losses”, “Accomplishing Forgiveness”, and many more. 

Experiencing Father’s Embrace & Breaking Free by Jack Frost: Courses dealing with breaking destructive habit structures of thinking that produce anger, lust, poverty, sickness, manipulation, insecurity and emotional pain. 

Freedom in Christ by Neil Anderson: A group study that gives students simple, practical guidance for weaving faith into every aspect of life. 

Anger Management by Mark Akin:  Understanding the concepts of controlled and uncontrolled anger.  Getting set free of using anger as a tool to hurt you and others.   

Parenting with Intimacy & Growing Kids God’s Way: Two additional parenting classes.